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skimmelberg - quality rooibos & buchu products

Buchu Products

All products available NATURAL or ORGANIC (certified by CERES).

For order enquiries on any of the packaging options below please see our contact page.

Buchu Tea Bags - 100g


Buchu Powder

1 x Buchu Tea carton with 2 x individually sealed foil pouches, each containing 20 Buchu Tea Bags.


Packed in 5kg/8kg barrier bag with 63mm ratchet cap and placed in sturdy export carton.


Buchu Loose Leaf


Buchu Tea Cut

Buchu Leaf in sealed 20g/50g cellophane bags packed in silver  round/rectangular tin.


Packed in 10kg sealed polyprop bulk bags, ready for blending.


Buchu Loose Leaf - Bulk


Buchu Oil

Buchu leaf packaged in 15kg sealed polyprop bulk bags.


Buchu Oil is available in 10ml, 20ml  amber coloured  glass bottles. Larger quantities also available (see home page).