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Ricky Litchfield Smart Health Powder

Ricky Litchfield Smart Health Powder


A natural chicken flavoured daily anti-inflammatory supplement which aids in the prevention and management of degenerative joint conditions as well as inflammatory skin ailments.

Promotes a mobile, pain-free lifestyle in older dogs

For maintenance of healthy hips and joints in growing dogs

Promotes a healthy heart and metabolic function

Sprinkle on food daily to ensure optimum maintenance of joints, skin and digestive system

Administer daily as a preventative and maintenance measure to animals/breeds prone to hip dysplasia, joint and skin conditions.

May be used long term with no negative side effects

  • How-To-Use


    <10 kg = 0,5 scoop

    10 - 25 kg = 1 scoop

    >25 kg = 1,5 scoops

    Sprinkle over food or create a gravy by adding water to the powder supplement.

  • Product Information

    150g Buchu leaf and Green Rooibos extract.

  • Disclaimer

    Keep out of reach of children.